Why is Battery Impedance Testing Important?

Are you sure that your UPS will have enough “battery back-up” to provide you with the electricity so that you can effectively work during a power outage?

The best way to get an accurate answer is to perform an Impedance test on your Batteries.

UPS battery impedance testing is an important factor to consider when figuring out your power protection needs. It ensures the longevity of batteries and helps maintain a healthy charge.

But what exactly is battery impedance?

Battery Impedance Testing is a multi-purpose testing device used for verifying the life cycle of a battery to examine its condition and identify the cause of disruption in batteries that are in use.

It is a non-intrusive way of preventing Battery failure by identifying initial signs of weakness in individual cells. Battery Impedance testing applying an AC current to each battery via probes attached to the block terminals. Impedance is measured and recorded in milliohms.

It gives a general indication of the batteries’ status without placing them under too much stress or needing to take them offline.

Impedance testing can be undertaken on a live working battery system and it can be completed in a few hours whereas, Discharge testing requires operations to shut down for several days while the test takes place. Impedance testing measures how near a battery is to its end-of-life and it is more commonly used for older batteries as impedance rises the more battery ages

Battery testing is crucial to ensure a battery system provides standby and emergency power to operate devices such as UPS systems, operating controls, critical appliances, etc.

In simple words, Impedance testing measures the internal resistance within a battery. As a battery age, the plates sulphate leading to increased resistance and potential heat damage within the battery itself.

Measuring the internal resistance indicates how near a battery is to failure.

The main benefits of Battery Impedance Testing are:

1- An exceptional tool for assessing the condition of batteries.

Battery Impedance Testing is an exceptional tool as it is a cost-effective way of preventing battery life by capturing initial signs of weakness and deterioration in the individual cells. With the help of Impedance testing, you will come to know the faults, errors, current condition, and expected lifespan of the battery system.

2-You know when to replace the Battery              

With the help of Battery Impedance testing, one will find out the exact condition of the batteries.

There are many factors that affect the battery life including the number of discharges and the environment the batteries are kept in. Most APC batteries last for three to five years, hence, it is extremely important to know the condition of the batteries whether they will last or should be replaced.

3- Identify where the battery is on its predictable life curve.

The battery is advertised as Long Life, High Energy, Fast Charge, and in many other parameters. Each battery type has various failure modes, some of which are more common than others. Aside from battery design, the life cycle of the battery mostly depends on how the batteries are used and in which environmental conditions they are stored and handled.

4- Able to find week cells so that proactive measures can be taken

A battery is composed of cells connected in a series path. If any one component breaks the entire series connection fails.

Many times batteries fail, not because of weak cells, but due to weak intercell connections. Hence, It is better to truly perform an impedance test on your batteries using an appropriate instrument from trained engineers who are experienced in the testing field.

5- Finds possible gross errors

With the help of Battery Impedance Testing, it is possible to see how fast your battery is degrading and what measures can be taken to revive the life of your battery so that it will work for a longer period of time. You can now schedule a call with our team to know more about Battery testing and how it works.

6- Find the faults much earlier so that remedial action can be performed

Battery Impedance is an internal resistance test. Don’t get confused with fully charged with a full capacity battery. Faults can be founded in the battery only if the testing is performed. With the help of Battery Impedance testing, the faults can be determined before it’s too late.

7 – Gives a strong indication of Battery health

It is important to replace the batteries when they fail or die with minimum or no maintenance and testing. Not testing batteries at all is the least costly with considering only maintenance costs but the risks are great.

Having batteries as backup is really important but batteries have a limited lifetime and they can fail earlier than expected. Therefore, with the help of Battery Impedance testing, you will come to know the health of your battery so that you can take the required steps as needed.

How does battery impedance affect UPS battery longevity?

Most UPS batteries, like most other batteries, have a resistance to the flow of electricity when it’s first inserted into them.

This resistance is regulated by the manufacturing process of the battery, which makes it an incredibly good indicator of its operating life. On the other hand, it doesn’t tell you much about how long that battery will last.

In fact, batteries with higher values are known to hold less charge and may deteriorate more quickly over time.

Also, how much work your UPS battery can provide depends on the type of charging system you’re using, how fast you need to generate power and how heavy your batteries are. UPS batteries may reach their “peak load,” and they may also have an internal resistance.

Why you should perform Battery Testing?

Not all UPS batteries are equal. In fact, there are several different voltage and energy ratings in the UPS industry for each different sized battery. Batteries can fail between discharge tests.

This fast and simple test will improve reliability for your critical loads. The testing will not only inform you about chemical changes in your batteries but will also, test your inter-cell connections, the battery charge balance as well as the state of health of the charger.

UPS Battery Disposal

All exhausted UPS Batteries are hazardous. If you are facing difficulties in the removal or disposal of old or recently replaced batteries then we at Mahavir Sys Power will arrange for our experienced engineer to visit your site and ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal of any batteries.


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