What causes a Data Center Outage

Do you use the internet to get things done?

The Internet has become an essential component of our daily life. We utilize it for communication and even work. With so many people dependent on the Internet, we need a reliable way to keep it up and operating.

Did you know that a data center outage can have far-reaching consequences beyond simply disrupting the Internet?

The loss of a data center might have a significant impact on your daily life. Data centers are something that most of us don’t think about until they go down. And when they do, it typically means that the Internet goes down.

In today’s world, data centers are becoming increasingly common. It’s fairly uncommon for folks to be unfamiliar with data centers.

Servers, computers, data storage devices, networking, monitoring, and other equipment are housed in data centers, which provide the functionality required for enterprises to operate.

Data is collected, stored, processed, and distributed using them. They’re also popular in the cloud computing world.

Top 5 reasons that cause a Data Center Outage

1- Human Error

Data Center outages are not unheard of. The most common cause of data center outages is human error. These outages are often caused by mistakes like incorrectly entering information into the system, plugging the network cables in the wrong place, or typing the wrong command.

It might be mere negligence on the part of a professional or a total accident, but the terrible effects of human error are difficult to overlook.

Needless to say, human error is frustrating, especially when it causes a data center outage. 

2- Power Outage

Power outages are a big issue for data centers. A power outage caused by a storm or other disaster can cause data center outages.

Data centers are now so reliant on technology that the slightest power outage can have devastating effects. Data centers are typically built to withstand power outages, but power outages can still cause data center outages.

3- Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are a growing problem in today’s world. Data centers are vulnerable to cyberattacks. And when they are compromised, they can cause data center outages which can lead to lost revenue, lost productivity, and lost data.

Cyberattacks can be a serious threat to a Data Center and one can lose all their data within a matter of time if they don’t take appropriate actions in protecting their Data Center from Cyberattacks. 

4- UPS system Failure

UPS system failure can be another cause of a Data Center Outage. UPS systems are used to protect data in many different industries but if your UPS system fails then there are high chances that your data center will go down.

It is important to choose the right UPS systems for your business as the UPS system helps protect your Data against power outages and voltage fluctuations by supplying an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

A UPS system is helpful for both home and corporate use, as it ensures your systems will stay on during power surges and brownouts.

5- Weather

Power outages are always an unfortunate reality, but they can be especially devastating when they happen in a data center. This is especially true if the outage is caused by bad weather, like a hurricane or winter storm.

Bad weather can cause outages in data centers. Data centers are designed to protect hardware from extreme heat, cold, water, dust, high humidity, and other environmental hazards.

How to prevent Data Corruption in the event of a Power Outage?

Data corruption can be caused by a variety of things but is most often due to power outages. In the event of a prolonged power outage, it is important to know how to prevent or minimize data corruption.

Data corruption is a common challenge in the event of an extended power outage. To help you prepare, here are some tips on how to save your data and what you can do to minimize the consequences of data loss if you experience an event like this. 

In the case of a power outage, it is important to create a backup plan for your computer or mobile device. Not only will this help protect your devices should a power outage occur, but it will also save you from the time and stress that goes into transferring all of your data after something happens.

One way to do this is by taking steps before any significant storm to buy a UPS and keep the battery charged.

With a UPS, your devices will be able to work for up to 30 minutes (depending on your back-up time) without power .

Another option is to leave all of your critical systems running on battery power (ex: laptop, tablet, or phone) during a storm and make sure they are plugged in and charging whenever possible. When it’s not possible to charge them, make sure they’re fully charged before the storm arrives.

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