Wondering how to choose a Voltage Stabilizer for home or refrigerator or TV or air conditioner? 

Voltage Fluctuation is common in Indian Households. That is why it is extremely essential to buy a good stabilizer that takes care of all the power fluctuation needs for your sensitive appliances.

What is Voltage Fluctuation?    

It has become a necessity for every household today. It ensures that the home appliances get the desired power for optimum functioning.

The absence of a voltage stabilizer can cause overvoltage that can permanently damage the appliances. A voltage stabilizer is crucial to keep the equipment smooth and running.

Voltage Stabilizer are classified into 3 types

1-Relay based

2-Servo based


voltage stabilizer

8 things to keep in mind before buying a Voltage Stabilizer


When it comes to a Voltage Stabilizer there is always a chance of the stabilizer getting wet or damaged when placed on the ground as it is unsafe for small children and adults.

It is always advised that the stabilizer should be wall-mounted or installed at a height to save the risk of electric shock.

2-Overload Protection

Overload protection is a feature that helps the voltage stabilizer to turn off the output completely during a short circuit or current overload.

3-Surge Protection

Voltage fluctuates whenever there is a short circuit issue due to lightning or thundering. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a voltage stabilizer that offers surge protection.

When the voltage increases beyond a certain level, the surge protector will either block or transfer the excess energy to the ground. This guarantees that the appliances connected to the stabilizer do not get affected.

4- Digitalized

Almost everything these days are getting digitized and so are Voltage Stabilizers! Most of the brands are focusing on digitizing the voltage stabilizer to make it more reliable and accurate for the users.

The advantage of Digital Stabilizers is that they adapt well to different electrical appliances. All you have to do is plug in the devices to the stabilizer and let it work.

5-Working Range

Before buying a voltage stabilizer it is remarkably important to make a note of the input range that you get at your home along with the appliances that you need to connect to the stabilizer.


Almost every voltage stabilizer these days has indicators displayed in them whereas some stabilizers have also come up with special LED indicators that display the input and the output voltage.

It helps in keeping the track of the voltage fluctuation levels and the performance of the appliances and the stabilizer.

7- Input and Output Voltage  

Voltage stabilizers work in dedicated input voltage ranges and it is one of the most significant parts. The ranges of Input and Output voltage are

Input Voltage: The standard ranges are 340 – 480 V AC, 300 – 460 V AC , 240 – 480 V AC , 190 – 480 V AC etc

Output Voltage: The standard ranges is between 380 to 415 V AC

8- Decide the phase

It is required to check whether you need a single-phase or three-phase voltage stabilizer.

If you have 1 phase grid connection then you need 1 phase voltage controller, if you own 3 phase then you require 3 phase servo voltage stabilizer. This can be determined by the way of your electrical grid connection.

How do these Stabilizers protect your Electrical Appliances?

Voltage stabilizers are proven to be very beneficial in safeguarding electrical devices from voltage fluctuation. One of the primary factors while choosing the right stabilizer is to look at the wattage requirement of the appliance.

It is designed depending on the appliances for which they are going to be used.

Voltage stabilizers can be used for appliances such as TVs, home theatre systems, and computers for low VA rated. or heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, oven, and treadmill, you often need high-VA rated stabilizers.

Power problems due to lightning, short circuit is beyond our control so it is always recommended to opt for a solution to protect your appliances from surges or short circuit.

There are different types of voltage stabilizers in the market for a different types of electrical appliances.

It is considered to be one of the most valuable assets to protect all electronic appliances. A voltage stabilizer acts as a protective shield to the appliances and reduces them from causing damage.

Electricity is the Backbone of each life these days and a voltage stabilizer will ensure a secure power supply for the proper functioning of devices wherever.

Choose the best and affordable stabilizer for your Home/ Business can save you from frequent damages in the appliances and expenses of buying new ones.

The frequency of tripping increases during the rainy season due to multiple reasons and when that happens you put your electrical devices at risk.

Along with the above points, it is extremely important to calculate the total power consumed by your appliances when connected to the voltage stabilizer, especially when it’s switched on.

It is important to understand and know beforehand the power consumed while switching on the appliances connected to the stabilizer.



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