Keep your IT up and running with UPS Protection | 3 Key Things

Is your server room protected? 

Are you tired of losing data to power surges and outages?

It is now time to protect your servers and critical equipment with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Let’s face it – your small server room is a challenging place for your IT equipment to thrive.

With limited space, frequent heat fluctuations and humidity, and the potential for water damage from sprinklers, pipes or other sources of water in the event of a fire, it can be difficult to keep your IT systems running smoothly. To make things even more challenging, if there’s a failure in this smaller data center space, it will be much more costly to fix than somewhere like a larger data center that has plenty of redundant systems and fail-safes. It’s essential that you have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in your small server room setup so that you’re able to maintain functionality even if the power goes out.

Why is UPS Protection Important in a Small Server Room?

There are many reasons why UPS protection is important in a small server room. The most obvious reason is that it provides both power and battery backup – crucial for any IT equipment. But there are some other, less-obvious benefits to using UPS protection. Most importantly, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects against power spikes and outages.

If the utility company experiences an outage or if there’s a sudden spike in demand for power, the UPS will turn on automatically so you can keep your servers up and running. It also prevents data loss when there’s an unexpected power outage because the battery backup stores electricity from the last few minutes of use.

Another benefit of UPS protection is that it reduces heat buildup by extending the time that your servers can run on batteries alone during a power outage. Your server room will be cooler with extended battery life and less strain on your air conditioning system.

Which UPS Should You Use to Protect Your Small Server Room?

When considering which UPS to use, the most important factor is how much power your server needs. This will determine what size UPS you need. Next, consider how much power your server needs to run for a certain amount of time.

For example, if your server takes 10 minutes to boot up and shut down, you’ll need a UPS with enough power to run your server for at least 20 minutes. This is called the backup time. Finally, look at where you’ll store your UPS and how it will be mounted in the room. If it won’t fit under a desk or on a shelf, then you might need a rack mount kit that securely mounts the UPS on the wall or floor.

3 Key Things to Look for When Choosing a UPS for a Small Server Room

Choosing the right UPS for your small server room can seem like a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, and it’s not always easy to know what you need to look for. But don’t worry!

With these three key things in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect UPS for your small server room.

1-Select a UPS that is cost-effective: One of the most important things to think about when choosing a UPS for your small server room is how much it will cost. Your budget may be tight, or money may not be an issue at all—but either way, you need to find a UPS that won’t break the bank. When you find one that fits within your budget, make sure it has enough battery power to last through a power outage or disaster.

2 – Choose a UPS with the right size: A smaller space means less room for equipment and less space between items on the floor—which is why it’s so important to find a UPS with the right size before you buy one. Your hardware kit should contain everything you need, including cables and brackets that support installation in tight spaces and wall-mounting options for use on any surface or structure.

3-Buy a UPS with environmentally-friendly features: Environmentally friendly features are great for two reasons: they help keep our planet happy, and they help keep your server room safe from moisture damage.

How to protect UPS server room

To keep intruders out and safeguard your information, you need an effective security plan for the protection of UPS server room.

Some businesses place the server room in an area accessible to employees as well as visitors. However, if people can enter the server room, it’s only a matter of time before a hacker does too. A Hacker needs to find out which servers are worth breaking into and which ones are not even worth trying.

Most intruders try to look like regular visitors with valid ID cards. They will also take note of all areas that have unsecured access points such as unlocked doors and windows with easy egress options.

Protection of UPS server room requires more than just locking the door when you leave at night.

Here are six ways you can safeguard this important area of your business:

1-Install Security Cameras

2-Add an electronic door lock

3-Install an Intrusion Detection System

4- Require identification for entry

5-Lock up valuable assets

6-Limit who has access to server rooms

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If you are a small or big business, one of your top priorities is to maintain your IT infrastructure for your staff and customers. A small server room UPS can help you do just that. Not only does the UPS protect your server from power outages, but it also protects your data, and keeps your electricity flowing in the event of a storm, power outage or other natural disaster.

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