UPS Hire

 MSP offers  a complete UPS rental package for UPS systems and battery:

providing you with a power source during your planned outage, function, event or emergent requirement .

UPS systems available to hire range from 1-500kVA with suitable battery based on your requirements.

We stock single phase, 3-phase, rack mounted, standalone & modular products.

UPS hire package

MSP offers a complete UPS hire package including the delivery, installation, commissioning & battery build if required, all the way through to the de-commissioning and the removal from a site at the end of the UPS rental period.

Previous UPS hire projects include Educational Institutes, banks, data centers. MSP have even provided UPS rental for sporting events such as the Indian Premier League.

MSP is provided UPS on rental from last ten years to India’s Biggest Reality Show.

Advantages for uninterruptible power supply on rental basis.

There are many advantages to renting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), including the following:
1. Reduced upfront costs: When you rent a UPS, you don’t have to worry about the initial purchase price or installation costs. This can be a significant advantage if you’re on a tight budget.
2. Flexibility: Renting a UPS gives you the flexibility to upgrade your system as your needs change. If you need more power, you can simply rent a larger unit.
3. Maintenance: Rental companies will typically provide maintenance and repair service for their equipment at no additional cost.

Should you have a UPS hire requirement please contact MSP’s Service Sales team on 022-40285502 who will be more than happy to help offer the correct UPS rental solution for your needs.