Top 6 Benefits of Having A UPS Battery Backup For Your Computer

We’ve all been there, in the middle of a project, when the power goes out. You can’t save your work because the computer is down. Maybe you saved it a few times, but do you really trust your hard drive? A battery backup system is a great way to protect your computer, and we want to make sure you understand which is right for you.

UPS batteries are one of the best things you can invest in for your computer. This article will cover the top 6 benefits of having a UPS battery backup for your computer.

What is a UPS battery backup?

The acronym UPS stands for Un-interruptible Power Supply. This means the power supply provides uninterrupted power to your computers, printers, and internet connected devices.

To prevent a network, web server, or any other device from being completely down, use a UPS Battery Backup to maintain power.

A UPS battery backup is typically powered by batteries. It’s usually located behind the computer/server cabinet.

If power goes out while your UPS is active, it will automatically switch off and on the power supply to keep your equipment up and running.

How does a UPS battery backup work?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device that stores energy in rechargeable batteries so that it may be used when power is lost. It is typically used to provide uninterrupted power for computers, servers, appliances and other devices connected to the electrical grid. It is used to provide protection against utility outages, voltage dips, sags, surges and brownouts. An unprotected computer, server or other electronic device could become damaged by such events.

A UPS battery backup works by monitoring the electrical flow to your devices. It detects when there is an outage and kicks in the battery to keep things running. The battery should be enough to keep things going for several minutes (enough time to save any important files, log off, and shut down the computer).

Types of Power backups system

There are four products available for Power Backup , one being UPS, Inverters, Generator backup & Solar backup

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) – The uninterrupted power supply is a backup power source that can be used in case of a power outage.

Inverters – An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It is usually used for Electrical Appliances such as Tubelight, Fan and Air Conditioner.

Generator Power Backup – A generator power backup is a device that provides power to a load during a power outage. The device typically consists of a generator, fuel tank, and control panel. The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is then used to power the load.

Solar Power Backup – A solar powered system for home or business requires a solar panel system with a battery bank that provides power during night.

What are the Top 6 benefits of having a UPS battery backup for your computer?

  1. Provides continuous power – A UPS battery backup will keep the power running to your computer for a short period of time. This will keep your computer running during a power outage. It may even last long enough to save your work, shut down properly, and log off properly.
  2. Protects against surges and spikes – A UPS battery backup will help protect against surges and spikes in the electrical current. It will act like a surge protector, but since it is constantly providing power, it will last longer and provide more protection.
  3. Provides clean, consistent power – A UPS battery backup will provide clean, consistent power. This is important with sensitive electronics such as computers, printers, and other equipment.
  4. Provides long-term backup power – A UPS battery backup is designed to last long enough to shut down your computer properly. This is a benefit for those who need their computer to remain on for long periods of time.
  5. Provides easy battery replacement – A UPS battery backup is designed to be easily replaced. Without regular use, these batteries won’t last forever. A UPS battery backup will allow you to replace the battery with minimal effort.
  6. Great protection for sensitive electronics –A UPS battery backup is a great way to protect sensitive electronics like computers and printers.   These devices are more susceptible to electrical issues and outages.

If your laptop loses power, and your battery power goes out, your computer will freeze and your data will be lost. But a UPS system can help. UPS systems store energy from your AC power supply and use it as a battery during a power outage. So when the power goes out, the UPS will start running on its stored energy to keep everything working.

Types of UPS battery backups

Standby – The standby UPS is the cheapest option. It uses electricity from the wall, just like a normal power strip. When the power goes out, it kicks in the battery. While this will protect your computer from short power outages, it won’t work well in a long-term power outage.

Line-interactive – A line-interactive UPS uses a transformer to step down the power from the wall. It then charges its battery from that smaller electrical current. This will last longer than a standby UPS, but it will not protect against power surges.

Online – An online UPS takes the power from the wall and then puts it back through a transformer to create a smaller electrical current. It then charges a battery from that current. This will last even longer than a line-interactive UPS and will provide protection against surges.

How to choose the correct UPS for Computer?

The size and type of UPS you need depends on the equipment you want to protect and the power conditions in your area.

Available backup time (battery runtime) – based on the amount of equipment that needs to be protected and the runtime required.

Input power quality – determine if your existing power is already clean or if you have problems with voltage spikes, power interruptions, brownouts, line noise, etc.

Power Capacity (VA / watts) – the maximum electrical power output the unit can provide.

All uninterruptible power supplies are not the same and it is important to choose a UPS that best suits your requirements. Power backup can be provided for longer time by the APC Back- UPS Pro series, while the APC Back- UPS provides power backup for a short time. The APC Back- UPS offers surge, overload and short circuit protection to connected equipment.


There are many reasons why you should consider getting a UPS battery backup for your computer, including:

  • Avoid a catastrophic failure of your computer system
  • Keep the important information in your computer safe
  • Make sure your data is backed up and secure
  • Maintain full functionality of your computer system during a power outage
  • Prevent damage to your computer and equipment stem

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