Battery Monitoring

The UPTIME+ system from MSP is the most advanced product on the market today, providing an Ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system.

Using web-management technology, UPTIME+ checks the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of every single battery sequentially. Through the Equalization process, the system corrects the charging voltage operating range. This prevents gassing, dry-out and thermal runaway. The constant monitoring and controlling of the individual charging voltages for each battery guarantees the availability of the battery at all times.


  • Extends battery life by equalization
  • Monitors & regulates the battery charging process & avoids under-charging
  • Indicates battery problems before failure
  • Monitors condition of every battery individually including temperature


The reporting system displays the status of all lead-acid batteries. Any change in impedance, temperature and voltage is displayed and stored. Reports can be run regularly on site, enabling constant monitoring of the system using the UPTIME+ viewer. Through regular monitoring of key parameters, the system will provide a warning when attention is required.

battery monitoring graph

The above graph demonstrates that battery 6 is weak after 30 minutes of discharge into a 45 minute run. This early warning system enables the user to replace the weak-performing battery and thus increase the lifetime of the complete battery system.