5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Server Racks

Are you looking for a new server rack for your business?

Do you know that server racks are more than just steel frames?

A rack, as the name suggests, is a steel frame which is used to house data center hardware such as servers, storage devices and network switches. But there’s more to it than that.

You see, not all racks are the same. They come in different shapes and forms depending on their usage and application.

When you first set out to purchase it seems an easy process.

After all, you are getting something that will help you store your servers somewhere so they’re not taking up space in your office any longer. From there, you just need to find a place for them and buy the racks.

You should be able to get all the information about your options online with ease, right?

Sadly, it’s not quite as simple as that.

If you don’t go into this process with the right mindset and a clear understanding of what is important to you and your business, you could end up making the mistake of buying substandard  or even the wrong type.

Here are 5 things to consider before buying server racks in India

1- Define your space requirements

The first thing you’ll want to do is define your space requirements. You should have a clear idea of what type you need, how many racks you need, and the dimensions of each rack.

Think about how many servers you will store in the racks and how much room you will need on either side of those servers so that your employees can work with them too. Are there any special features or types of server racks that will suit your needs better? Is it important to have an easily accessible location for when one of the servers needs to be replaced or repaired? Will storage space be tight?

If so, you’ll want to find  that have a lower amount of protruding equipment than other server racks which could affect storage space. Today, server rack 42U cabinets are more popular than ever with businesses of all sizes. But before making any purchase, make sure you know what its  size will work best for your company by taking these considerations into account.

2- Knowing where you will place your server racks

The second step in making your purchase is to figure out where you will place them. You need to have a secure location that is not too far away from an electricity source, and somewhere that is climate controlled if possible.

Yes, these are some of the pricier options, but they are worth it because they will help extend the life . And with some of the price being quite high, spending just a bit more for this type of setup can be worthwhile.

3- Knowing how much space is available for installation

Before you even start looking , you need to know how much space is available for installation. If you have a small office and you don’t have many options for where to put your server racks, then it’s probably not the best idea to buy a large set of server racks that will take up a lot of your space. Instead, go with a smaller set that will leave some room for other things in your office.

You also need to consider the height of the ceiling because there are different types of server racks that can accommodate different heights. Ideally, if there is enough space for installation, then this shouldn’t be an issue. But if there isn’t enough space or height clearance, then it becomes more complicated.

4-Understanding your current equipment and software needs

If you have specific needs, such as needing a cabinet that houses larger servers or needs to be water-resistant for example, this will help narrow down which type of server rack is best for you.

It’s also important to understand what kind of configuration your need. Will they need to be mobile? Do you want them to lock in position? Do they need to be able to withstand weights up to 3 tons? Knowing this information will help determine the sturdiness and adjustability .

5- Deciding on a budget for your server racks

The next thing to consider is the budget for your server racks. You should think about how much you are willing to spend on these new server racks and what type of quality you are looking for.

The cost will vary based on the server rack size, weight, and materials that the server racks are made from so it’s important to know what you want before you start browsing online. As a general rule, we would suggest trying to stay somewhere in the middle range for price of server rack because this will give you a more affordable and better quality server rack.

2 more things to think about before buying server racks

There’s so much more to the process of buying server racks than just finding a place for them in your office or business. Here are 2 more things you should consider before buying server racks.

1- How many people are going to need access to the server racks?

The number of people who will need access to your server racks is an important consideration, as it impacts the desired features that you need in order to help give different employees or workers access.

If you don’t want anyone accessing them but yourself, then this isn’t a big deal, as you would be able to set up a key lock and have full control over who has access.

But if others in your company will also have access, then this becomes something worth considering when making your choice.

2- How often will you need to move the servers?

If you’re using these storage units for servers which will be moved often – like when you need to upgrade or transfer data from one location to another – then it’s important that they are designed with mobility in mind (such as casters).


Before you go

If you are looking to purchase server racks for your organization, you need to know the right things beforehand.

This will help you get the right one without any hiccups. There are many different types of rack solutions available in the market. You have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to server racks.

You can now buy server rack online as well

But we understand that it can be difficult to find the right server rack for your needs.

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