Remote UPS Monitoring

Eco Struxure IT Expert is specifically designed to ensure your business’ critical load is protected by dedicated, trained personnel, even when your facility is unmanned.

How EcoStruxure IT Expert works for UPS monitoring :


EcoStruxure IT Expert communicates constantly with your UPS system in order to automatically detect any error or alarm messages. In the event of an incident being detected, EcoStruxure IT Expert automatically connects with MSP’s Service Centre network via email, transmitting a status message and providing any available details relating to the fault, as well as a device identification string.

MSP’s service center personnel are then able to liaise with the company’s field team, who can integrate and manage the UPS, performing all necessary remote diagnostics before reaching the facility within the contracted service agreement time frame.

remote monitoring

Benefits of UPS monitoring :


  • Continuous monitoring and management of your UPS
  • Ideal for mission-critical systems and unmanned sites
  • Alarm-triggered interrogation of UPS parameters for remote diagnosis
  • Prevention and early fault detection
  • Dedicated KUP Support Centre – Manned 24/7/365 to ‘collect, assess and respond.’
  • Combined with a maintenance contract, EcoStruxure IT Expert improves service levels, enabling engineer to arrive onsite with the correct spares
  • Complete assurance of continuous availability
  • Your fully customizable solution
  • Installation and maintenance of your power surveillance system
  • Standard SMTP email connectivity through one way communication with no additional firewall access or configuration required
  • Real-time email notification sent in response to alarm/critical events directly to KUP Support Centre
  • Monthly UPS Status Report detailing trends and alarms
  • Optional Battery Monitoring via UPTIME+– measuring battery discharge, temperature and humidity levels to help prevent battery failure.