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We at MSP believe that a well-designed fault tolerant product with smart features can set you on a rollercoaster of success!


This is one of the reasons why our products are designed not only keeping you in mind but also the new-gen time. Our New products DO NOT follow the ‘Single module design’. Instead of a single block of the power module (for example) it is designed in a manner to maintain internal redundancy. Therefore it eases out the operating system so you don’t have to be dependent on a single ups module.

It also makes the machine fault-tolerant as the entire system won’t stop working due to a faulty part or a small mishap. With smaller and divided parts, the transportation and service time also decreases leading to easy handling and scalability in the future. Thus with our evolving Modular fault tolerant design, consumers can enjoy extra benefits of redundancy and scalability For critical manufacturing applications.

UPS at MSP comes with comprehensive support which means we provide pan India services through our representatives and authorized service partners.Smart Home Features (Home Automation): MSPL Group

With the all-new Inbuilt Loop test, UPS are capable of self-testing. Before this, to test the efficiency of a UPS, artificial loads were required which would have additional charges however with smart loop tests, UPS(s) connect the input and the output to show their actual performance. Therefore it helps you to avoid the additional cost leading to a smooth, fault tolerant and uninterrupted system for testing critical parameters while project commissioning and during life cycles of the UPS system.

Key feature- Components lifecycle management and Ecostruxure remote monitoring tool provides complete peace of mind to avoid downtimes at the same giving all visibility of critical parameters

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