Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

System that detects any unauthorized entry or motion into the property and sends out an immediate alert to the central monitoring station which further informs the concerned people, local police, hospital and fire station.

The control panel installed in the premise also raises a loud alarm to alert the neighbors. The motion or break-in is detected by sensors installed in the premise. Intrusion Alarm Systems is the need of today.

An intrusion alarm systems is a system whose aim is to monitor and detect unauthorized access to a building.

These systems are used for different purposes and in different contexts both residential or commercial.

The main purpose of an intrusion alarm system is to protect from burglary, vandalism, property damage, and, of course, the security of the individuals inside the building.

There are different types of intrusion alarm systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of system is the wired system, which uses sensors placed around the perimeter of the building to detect movement.

These systems are generally more reliable than wireless systems, but they are also more expensive to install and maintain.

Wireless systems use radio frequencies to communicate between the sensors and the control panel, and they are less expensive to install but can be more difficult to maintain.