Close Coupled Air Conditioners: InRow Chilled Water products

Close Coupled Air Conditioners:

Energy efficient cooling from low to high-density racks and zones: IT operators looking to improve efficiency will benefit from the modular design of the InRow Chilled Water products.

Close coupled cooling is the latest generation of cooling system, designed for use in data centers. The goal of close coupled cooling is to bring heat transfer closer to its source: the equipment rack.

By moving the air conditioner closer to the equipment rack, a more precise delivery of inlet air and a more immediate capture of exhaust air is ensured. Close coupled cooling also increases the overall efficiency of the data center by reducing energy consumption and lowering the cost of operating the system.

A close coupled cooling system typically consists of a row-based air conditioner, which is mounted on the equipment rack itself. The air conditioner is connected to the equipment rack via a duct, which delivers cooled air directly to the equipment.