AIR ECONOMIZERS | Cools your data center


Ecoflair offers configurable and customizable solutions to match your specific data center needs. Using a polymer air-to-air heat exchanger to indirectly cool the data center and automatically switching between three modes of operation, the unit maximizes the efficiency of the cooling system while protecting the facility from outdoor contaminants.

An air-side economizer is integrated into a building’s ventilation system. When the outside temperature and humidity reach the target ranges, the economizer pulls the cooler outside air into the data center and directs the warmer, inside exhaust air outside. The economizer controls the mixing of outside and inside air, maintaining a proper mixture for temperature, humidity and pressure requirements. By minimizing or eliminating the use of mechanical cooling, an air-side economizer can significantly reduce a data center’s power consumption.

Some air-side economizers are also equipped with heat exchangers to further improve efficiency. The heat exchanger cools the server exhaust air using the cooler outside air pulled in by the economizer. The cooled exhaust air is then recirculated back into the data center instead of being vented out.