Micro Data Centre FX

Micro Data Centers at the Edge Providing Agility, Capacity, and Security.

A micro data center is a secure, self-contained enclosure that contains the rack, UPS, power and cooling to support the capability for all essential IT components along with management and monitoring software devices.



Features and Benefits of Micro Data centers

We have a complete offer of highly secure, cost-effective, and simple-to-deploy micro data centres for any edge environment. Our cloud-based monitoring platform enables a rapidly scalable and intelligent way to manage distributed assets.

We deliver this with:

Physical Security

Device level cyber security with Ultra secure enclosure options and remote security monitoring and control.

Remote Management

Our cloud based platform is scalable, simple to deploy and provides secure visibility of ALL your edge data centre from a single pane of glass.

Standardised Deployment

Standardised, pre-integrated and pre-validated architectures ensure your deployment is fast and cost-effective.