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Did you know that your plant is currently under a loss due to frequent fluctuation and power failures? A good business depends upon the power it needs for operations each day and that is no secret. But when the power goes out, a loss of thousands or can be experienced by your business. In no time that loss leaves you with a negative mark in the market partnering with huge production loss.

You may be also experiencing a production loss due to obsolete Machine components and hardware safety. Old machines lead to fluctuations and also might take more that require power to operate. Whether the present equipment has deteriorated due to wear and tear, it may be indicated towards an increase in maintenance cost, reducing the product quality and the rate of output.

It will stop from production on time. But if your plant is backed up by double conversion UPS, you will get sufficient time to shift to generators and complete the process on time avoiding production loss.

Lastly, wastage of manpower and raw materials can take you down in the market. Due to frequent fluctuations, there occurs an unwanted break in the efficiency of manpower. This further leads to non-satisfactory output. The former act can take down on the market value of a company. However, with reliable and high-quality UPS you can complete the uninterrupted process on time without any wastage of raw materials or manpower.

Well, like said, the solution to this mega-production loss is a reliable online double conversion UPS which provides sufficient backup time and allows uninterrupted operation during a power failure. A UPS with wider input voltage, input frequency window so that it easily stands power fluctuations and backs up from secondary power sources like generators etc.HOME

We at Mahavir Sys Power Pvt. Ltd provide highly efficient, scalable, three-phase power protection models to support your business any time anywhere. With exceptional quality and innovative solutions, you can now get a chance to save up to 25% of your production loss and gain the upper hand in the market.

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