#1 Next-gen UPS module: Following the future trends

In the near future, an additional population of 2.5 billion people will cause stress on infrastructure, transportation, public services, and energy demand. Therefore it is time to Digitalise with smarter products.

In the all-new next generation EcoStruxure, Schneider along with MSP allows innovation at every level. With this UPS module, the demand for energy and automation will continue to be fulfilled under – Urbanization, Digitization, and Industrialization.

With a functional technology backbone, this UPS module enables embedded connectivity and intelligence using standard-based communication protocols. Therefore making it completely possible to supervise and monitor all the ups from a single spot. It Inbuilt remote monitoring system which makes it a smarter product. Multiple brands can be connected at the same time too.

Now EcoStruxure has three layers with features like Connected Products, Edge Control, and Application, Analytics, and Services that can be hosted on the cloud as well as on-premise without any form of additional costs.

EcoStruxure leverages the following technologies and trends—Mobility, Cloud, Sensing, Analytics, and Cybersecurity. It increases visibility and awareness as the following technologies help understand the fault areas, parts that need to be changed, or any other mishap beforehand. Therefore required measures can be taken ahead of the situation.UPS site survey

Argumenting the capacity to deliver more, by augmenting the core values, this next-gen UPS module is predictive and preventive. From a single site, it provides control over a multi-site control leading to a collaborative system.

This particular UPS module is not only designed to keep the functionalities in mind but also gives back to Mother Earth by reducing the contain emission and enabling efficiency UPTO to three times.

Therefore now not only do these UPS(s) help in a smooth industrial application but also support the growth of smart products and digitalization. From controlling multiple UPS at the same time to creating awareness, this particular UPS module will help increase the visibility through the process.

It is time to get smart with smarter and future trending products!

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