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Data Center for Businesses provides a secure, reliable platform for storing and processing sensitive data, applications and systems. 

A data centre provides a centralized location for storing and processing critical business data, applications, and systems, ensuring uninterrupted access and availability of data.

It also provides a secure environment for managing and protecting sensitive data, such as customer information and financial data, from potential threats such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, and power outages.

Therefore, data centres have become an integral part of modern business operations, providing companies with the infrastructure and resources they need to manage and protect their valuable digital assets.

With our comprehensive suite of products, services and resources you can ensure uninterrupted access to critical data while protecting it from potential threats.

Our data centers are designed with sustainability in mind so that you can be sure you’re doing your part for the environment while keeping your most sensitive assets safe.

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Driving Power Solutions For Leading Brands

"Best UPS Dealer Company that You Can Trust"

MSPL offers wide range oUPS Rental Services to help businesses maximize their power management. Our UPS systems are reliable, cost-effective and provide a variety of benefits including:

  • Flexible Solutions.
  • Reduced Maintenance.

  • Peace of Mind.

  • Cost Saving.

We delivers a complete UPS hire package that includes :

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Commissioning and battery build if required.

all the way through to the decommissioning and the removal from a site at the end of the UPS rental period

Fully Licensed & Insured

Transparent Pricing

Always On-Time

Fast, Friendly, and Efficient

Trusted Professionals

Proven reputation for many years

We are a leading supplier of :

  • APC UPS,
  • UPS for home 
  • Industrial UPS
  • UPS for Routers
  • Luminous UPS
  • Schneider UPS
Last but not the least awarded by:
  • Schneider Electric as Best Service Partner.
  • Schinder Electric as power business tycon award.
  • SME channels as Channel Accelerator award.
  • APC as Business Tycoon Awrad.

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"Till now served 10000 + customers and installed more than 1 Lac UPS."