Top 10 Criteria for Choosing an Ideal Data Center Location

Where should you locate your data center or What is Data Center Location?

This is the question that most people don’t have an answer of.

In today’s digital economy, businesses are faced with increasing pressures and expectations. Data center services have become essential to enable operators to meet these demands.

The importance of these centers has been growing steadily over the last few years, as more and more businesses rely on cloud computing services, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and other digital technologies.

As a result, demand for it, space has grown significantly in recent years. In this blog post, we will focus on helping you find and select an ideal location that meets your business needs.

We will list some important considerations when choosing a new location for your data center services and help you evaluate different locations based on those criteria.

But before that let us know what is Data Center

Data center is a physical location where computer servers and other IT equipment are housed and can be managed remotely. It also known as data center, server farm, or computing center.

These centers are generally used for storing and processing large volumes of data in a secure environment with high availability.

They are essential to keep up with the growing demand for cloud storage, collaboration tools, and other SaaS services from businesses of all sizes.

Here are Top 10 considerations for choosing an ideal Data Center Location:

1- Location determines everything

The first thing to consider when choosing a location is the availability of good real estate.

The best location is one that meets the objectives of your business and offers competitive prices. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the access to it is convenient for customers as well as employees.

If you’re building a data center in an area that’s difficult to get to, it will be much less convenient for your employees and customers.

You’ll also want a location with plenty of land available so that you have room to expand over time without having to relocate or purchase new land.

2- Climate conditions and risk of natural disasters

Climate conditions are a significant factor in how data centers are built. South-facing sites that receive plenty of sunlight can reduce the cost of cooling, while cold climates require more costly heating.

Some countries also have more natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes which can impact reliability and availability of them.

3- Power and cooling need

To ensure a safe, efficient, and profitable operation, you need to calculate your data center’s power and cooling needs accurately.

The power and cooling requirements of your data center have a big effect on its size, cost, noise, reliability, and efficiency.

These are required for continuous and reliable power to preserve the integrity of the IT environment. An ideal location is near a substation, as that ensures uninterrupted power supply regardless of outages.

4- Network Infrastructure assessment

Network infrastructure assessment is an important step to locating it.

For a prospective data center operator, this means assessing the availability of fiber optic cables and power grids in the areas of operation.

For potential colocation clients, this means assessing network connectivity for their specific needs.

Both operators and clients should pay close attention to their bandwidth capacity requirements.

This includes both peak and off-peak bandwidth options. The distance between a prospective location and the client’s data center or offices also comes into play when it comes to bandwidth capacity requirements.

5- Power Infrastructure assessment

Selecting a best location for data center is to evaluate power infrastructure and the utility company.

Nearly all data centers use on-site power generation, but not every region is advantageous for data center providers.

Location should be within at least two miles of an electrical substation with sufficient capacity, or a minimum of five miles from the substation if it can provide enough power.

It’s important to take into account how often outages occur in the area, which can affect availability and performance.

6- Choosing the right type of internet connection, Safety & Security

While selecting the site for your Data Center, it is important to decide what type of internet connection you will need.

It’s critical to have a fast and reliable internet connection at your data center so that your customers and clients may communicate with you online without difficulty.

With a reliable and affordable internet connection, your company can experience the many advantages of the internet. It’s not just about working from home or making it easier to work from anywhere.

In today’s modern world, it is crucial to have a reliable and economical connection to the web. As these centers are targeted by hackers on a daily basis, they require the highest level of security.

7- Security Requirements

It is governed largely by security requirements, given the sensitive nature of data stored within.

Data centers may be located offshore to mitigate risks or in heavily-guarded environments with high levels of security—for example, military bases or nuclear facilities.

Safety and availability are usually the top priorities when considering a site for a data center.

When looking for an ideal location for it, it’s imperative that the site is free from natural disasters and other disruptions because they can easily cause extended downtime or worse.

Climate and proximity to power sources are also worthy considerations when evaluating   a particular site could be ideal for your data center needs.

Crowded areas should be avoided to ensure optimum availability and performance for your data centers.

8- Transport/Accessibility

When looking for a data center, you’ll be thinking about proximity to the internet backbone and natural disasters. But what about accessibility?

A big factor in choosing it is whether or not it has sufficient transportation options for your employees and customers.

This is why it’s critical to locate your data center in a convenient location. The following are some significant features to look for:

-Access to the power grid

-The cost of electricity

-Water resources

-Resources for wind

9- Tax Structure, Incentives, and Subsidies

Political factors impact all investment decisions, regardless of the operation of it being technically simplistic.

Corporate tax rates vary from state to state.

It involves a large investments, companies are looking for ways to reduce their taxes.

Locations with lower taxes have appeal to companies interested in making huge capital investments in them.

10- Colocation

Colocation centers are data centers that provide space for their clients to house their equipment in a secure environment.

This is often referred to as ‘co-lo’ or ‘colocation’, and the primary benefit of this setup is the reduction of operating costs.

A colocation center provides numerous benefits over other types of data centers, such as a private data center or a hybrid data center.

These benefits make it worthwhile to consider colocation centers first when choosing an ideal location.

Data Center Design for Business Continuity

It is the process of planning, creating, and maintaining .They are critical to businesses today, and the demand for them will continue to grow in the future.

It is a facility that houses computer servers and other IT equipment in one centralized location. It’s an important part of any company’s infrastructure because it stores all of the company’s digital resources.

A good design makes it easier to manage IT resources, increases uptime, reduces cost, and optimizes performance.

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