Your customer journeys must change to reflect your customers’ new choices and behaviors.

Every customer is different with various expectations before buying anything.

Customer journey experience starts from the moment they hear about your brand through different Social Media platforms. Once, they get a glimpse of your brand, they purchase your products or service to when they receive your emails thanking them for your purchase and so on, which turns them into your ideal customer. Other than helping  in fulfilling their goals, another essential part is to make their after-sales experience great

In simple words, it is the entire experience in trying to reach the goal of buying a product or service from your company.

Gartner defines customer experience as the perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and the cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels, or products.


Who is Gartner?

Gartner was the founder of Gartner, Inc. a Stamford, Connecticut information technology research and advisory company. It is a global research and advisory firm providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions. According to Gartner Inc, 58% of customers believe that most brands’ digital experiences have little to no impact on what they end up buying.

Why is Customer Experience Important?     

 Customer experience is basically what happens to a customer when buying or using a product and how the customer felt throughout the entire process. Some customers have a good experience that lasts long because of the amazing after-sales services. Some brands know what is customer experience and how critical it is to keep it going even after the customer has completed their interaction with their brand.

Want to know what is the solution to promote your Business in the present situation??

 The answer is MARKETING. To say that 2020 was a year of ups and downs for all the consumers and the Business Owners. Since March 2020, the businesses have faced incredibly severe hurdles in marketing their products and services. We all have seen employees being laid off and a huge number of companies closing during the lockdown.

Any Business that has made it through these tough situations has achieved something truly remarkable.

In simple words, Marketing refers to the activity of promoting your products and services to everyone. Marketing is the main function of any business as it provides information of ideal customers to the business.

Marketing is a consistent process to interact with your ideal customers and understand their needs, desire, and wants. Your customers are a KEY to your Business Success and it is extremely important to make sure that your customers get the right after-sale services. Providing exceptional services can keep them coming back to you for all their future needs.

The strategies for doing so are:

-Communicating regularly through social media, Blogs, or Emailers

-Fulfilling their requirements and providing benefits that exceed their expectation

-Listening to their feedback and improve services

-Providing the best after-sale service follow-up


Fundamentals of Marketing:

In Marketing the 4 P’s has been around forever and they are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The 4P’s were introduced in 1960 by E. J. McCarthy in his book, “Basic Marketing – A Managerial Approach.

1- Product

A product refers to any item that intends to satisfy the needs and wants of your ideal customer. It can be a tangible good such as software or intangible, like a service or experience. The Business needs to know all the features and specifications of the products or services that they intend to sell.

Every Business needs to answer the following questions:

– What difficulties do your Product/Services solve?

– What Value will your product bring to your customer?

– How will the customer use it?

2- Price

After the product, comes the price that the consumer will pay. If a product is priced too high or too low, then there are a high percentage of chances that the brand could fail. Hence, it is important to do some research and discover how much your product should cost. The best way to do that is to follow your competitors and your niche and understand how they are pricing their products and how much is the consumer willing to pay.

Some important questions that Business needs to answer:

-Is your pricing attractive to your ideal customer?

– Do you need a Promotion strategy to attract your them?

– How will your price compare to competitors?

3- Place

The place is an important factor when it comes to where you’ll be selling your product. Will it be Online or in a Physical Store? A place can also refer to where the product is being marketed. In 2021, every business is exploring Digital aspects when it comes to selling their product. These days, Businesses have many channels through which they promote their products and services such as through social media, Emails, Newsletters, Websites, and many more. Businesses can direct their products to other businesses or directly to consumers.

Some important questions that Business needs to answer:

-Can our target customers easily access our products or services from their particular locations?

– Are they using a desktop or mobile devices?

– Where are they most active? (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platforms)

4- Promotion

The final P is the Promotion of your product or services after taking into consideration the product, price, and place. The promotion is basically how you present your product. Promoting your business online has seen the most magnificent growth as the result of the digital age. Business can now promote their products easily through social media marketing, email marketing, sales promotion, direct marketing, etc. to reach their target audience.

Some important questions that Business needs to answer:

-Which channels/platforms can we use to reach our target buyer?

-What message will we convey to our audience?

– Which is the best way to promote?

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