Buying a UPS? 5 Important Factors to consider!

New to the world of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems?

Are you facing difficulties in finding the right UPS for your Business?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device that allows systems to keep running for a specific time when the principal power supply is lost. Power cut-offs can hamper the running of your applications and also affect the day-to-day activities of your Business. Every Business needs a power backup these days so that they run efficiently and their everyday activities run smoothly.

Why do you need a UPS system?

Having a UPS can save you thousands of rupees. Imagine, that you are working on an important client Project and the power fluctuates and you realize that your PC is shut down.

You lose all your work within milliseconds.

Power cuts can happen anytime and when that happens it hampers the running of your applications and stall your day-to-day life, causing major inconveniences. That is the reason why most businesses choose a UPS as the power backup solution in cases of power failure, whether long or short.

If you don’t already have a UPS for your business, then it’s time to get one. A UPS may cost you thousands of rupees but it will save you from lakhs and crores of losses in the future.

5 Important Factors to consider when buying a UPS for your Business

There are various types of UPS and it is a challenging task to decide from a variety of UPS, which will suit the best for your Business.

  • Choose a Type 

There are three types of UPS that you can choose from. Each offers a different feature for different types of equipment. An Offline or Standby UPS is the most commonly used UPS and it works when there is a short power failure and is more affordable. A Line-Interactive UPS works well with home and small businesses and it is a better choice as it switches more quickly from utility to battery power. An Online- UPS can be used for sensitive types of equipment in big companies as it provides uninterrupted, clean, and consistent power without any startup delay in case of a power failure.

Whether you choose Home UPS or a Business one, ALWAYS go with a reputed and reliable brand so that you will get a power supply and service at all times without any delay.

  • Cost

You can’t just go and buy a random UPS system for your personal or official requirements. You need to check how many devices need to be connected with UPS and how many outlets you need. Many UPS systems have more than 8 plugs, you need to check if each plug is battery powered. UPS systems price starts from 1500, the least expensive are the Home UPS as it gives battery back-up so that the user gets enough time to save their work and prevent their loss of data. The most expensive is the Online UPS which is used by large firms as it can support massive power loads and gives a good amount of time to the users to save their work.TOP 5 REASONS TO INVEST IN APC UPS BATTERY

  • Runtime and switchover

Always pick a UPS that has a sufficient long back-up, so that you have enough time to be prepared for long or frequent power failures (where power goes every week or more frequently). Select a UPS that charges fast and have a long battery life which gives you power for as long time as you need. You also need to make sure that your equipment receives a continuous power supply. This is important for sensitive equipment like computers where an uninterrupted power supply is important for smooth functioning.

  • Note how much backup runtime the UPS gives

The main purpose of buying UPS is to save computers and other applications from a sudden shutdown. Back-up runtime is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind while buying a UPS because the user needs sufficient time to complete and save his work.

Once you know your requirement, you can then go ahead and buy your UPS

  • Warranty

A warranty of the UPS depends upon how good the brand is and with APC UPS that’s generally around 2-3 years. A UPS normally lasts as long as its internal battery. A UPS battery is to be kept in charge by default all the time and that is the reason the battery decades over time. Because of its batteries, almost all UPS warranties max out in around 3 years.

APC products are one of the best when it comes to the efficiency and reliability of UPS. It has different solutions for different businesses with a variety of options as per your requirement.


Once you buy a UPS, you also need to make sure about the AMC (Annual Maintenance contract), We at MSP makes sure that by our trained engineers and support staff, we offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective service plans available, ensuring your power protection systems are expertly maintained on a regular basis and always ready to support your business load PAN India

While we highly recommend that you get a UPS for your business to save your applications from shutting down instantly and saving you from further losses, a UPS is no way cheap.

To purchase a UPS that fits your needs, it is essential to consider the above 5 features and decide according to your requirement whether you require an Offline/Standby UPS, Online UPS, or Line Interactive UPS

Picking the right UPS is not that difficult if you keep in mind the few important things that you need in your UPS. Remember to connect to the provider with any other requirement that you have before purchasing

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