Know the top 8 incredible benefits of Voltage Stabilizer

Power cuts and fluctuations are common in India, these fluctuations can be determined to your electrical equipment and if they are not well taken care of, it may permanently damage the equipment resulting in spending the extra money to purchase the same equipment again.

An appropriate power supply is always essential for any electronic appliance to enable any electronic device. 

A Voltage stabilizer has become a necessity at every place today be it your home or office for the proper functioning of devices.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

A Stabilizer is an electrical appliance that is used to feed constant voltage current to any electrical appliances like TVs, computers, AC’s, etc. A voltage stabilizer safeguards the safety and secures the power supply for the proper functioning of devices. The main aim of the voltage stabilizer is to protect devices against voltage fluctuations.


Different types :

Voltage stabilizers can be broadly classified into 3 types. They are

  • Relay Type Voltage Stabilizer

In the Relay type voltage stabilizer, the voltage is regulated with the help of relay switching. It is used for mostly used for low power rating appliances mainly for residential/ Commercial Use. Relay type voltage stabilizer are compact and they cost less. As their fluctuation tolerance limit is less, this type of voltage stabilizer cannot survive high voltage surges.

  • Servo based Voltage Stabilizer

Servo-based voltage stabilizers are very accurate and robust, which makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. The voltage regulation in servo-based voltage stabilizer is completed with the help of a servo motor. Therefore, they are also known as servo Stabilizers. They need periodic maintenance. Servo-based voltage stabilizers have high voltage stabilization accuracy and can withstand high voltage surges.

  • Static Voltage Stabilizer

A static voltage stabilizer has no moving parts as in the case of a servo-based voltage stabilizer. Static voltage stabilizer produces a greater accuracy voltage as compared to various types of other stabilizers. Static voltage stabilizer responds extremely fast to voltage fluctuation. As there are no moving parts in the static voltage stabilizer, it is almost maintenance-free. The efficiency level in the Static voltage stabilizer is very high.

8 Advantages :

Voltage stabilizer has numerous advantages, below are the 8 advantages that you need to know before buying a voltage stabilizer for any purpose

1- Regulates the Voltage level in various types of equipment

Voltage stabilizers proficiently regulate voltage fluctuation. They are used in Houses, Factories, Industries, malls, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Construction buildings, etc. In short, a voltage stabilizer can be used anywhere, where a power supply is essential.

2- Cost-Effective option to save your equipment

Voltage stabilizers are a cost-effective option to save your equipment. It allows limited usage of the power as required for the devices which in turn helps save power consumption and helps save money in electricity bills. Invest money in purchasing a good voltage stabilizer, instead of facing losses due to power failure.

3- Personalized Voltage Stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer can also be found according to your needs and requirements. They can be created in different sizes, capacities, and models based on the utility purpose. They are available in different KVA ratings too. They allow customized specifications easily. It can be designed in your style, based on the voltage needs.

4- Can be used for a longer time

As voltage stabilizers are used to prevent overload when the appliance is beginning, its main aim is to protect the equipment from constant fluctuation and frequent power cut-offs, which ensures longer life of the stabilizer. They are built using standard raw materials for winding, shielding, and insulation, so they can be used efficiently for a longer time. As they have high load capacity, they are effective, affordable, and can support your electronic devices from harsh environmental conditions for a longer period.

5- Constant Functioning

Voltage stabilizers do not need constant maintenance. A voltage stabilizer is required for the smooth and continuous functioning of the devices so that if there is a power fluctuation or high load, it saves your equipment’s life and keeps the voltage intact. Voltage stabilizers are now fully automatic and are packed with a lot of additional functions.

6- Prevents from Overloading

Voltage issues may arise due to bad earthing or bad wiring which causes risks and fire accidents. They are meant to prevent risks of power-related mishaps during overloads and short circuits. Therefore, they save precious human’s life in residents, Hospitals Factories, Industrial areas, and animals live on farms. The voltage stabilizer closely detects the voltage variation within milliseconds and saves the equipment and also the people.

7- Avoid permanent damages to appliances

Every electrical appliance is designed in such a way that works under a certain level of voltage. Frequent voltage fluctuations can result in damaging equipment permanently. A stabilizer acts as a protective shield and reduces the chances of a breakdown. Installation of a Voltage stabilizer is essential to safeguard your essential and expensive products

8- Reduced power bills

With updated technologies, stabilizers enable perfect power usage. Due to this, the equipment will only receive the voltage as per its requirements and needs which in turn helps to reduce power bills. It is a cost-effective option to save your equipment and power consumption.



Don’t wait for damage to happen and then buy a voltage stabilizer. As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Take proper precautions for your Home and Office to avoid losses in the future. If you haven’t applied any proper measures to prevent voltage fluctuations, then it’s time to do it now.

Now that you got an idea of the advantages of using the  Stabilizers, make a wise decision to purchase them.

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