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About us:

“Serve the customer in a way such that every customer becomes your salesman”


This is a company started by Mr. Pranav Shah and Mr. Yogesh Shah in the March of 1994 as a start-up to provide efficient UPS solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Along with this, we are also the FIRST POWER SAVING AND BACKUP SOLUTION providers in Mumbai. Our ideology is Customer service is an attitude―not a department thus we also became pioneers in providing high quality and efficient service via the chain of SERVICE CENTERS across India.


We started in a humble 10 sq. office with just the two founders doing all of the work on their own. Steadily and slowly the employee base started building and we took baby steps into the world of Technology. Our great public image and great relations with Tech Giants like Schneider, APC, Luminous, Sentri, and Exide helped us grow and make a mark and niche of ours in the industry.

From outsiders, we became the insiders and giants in the UPS sector of technology. With hard work, employee’s diligence, and your blessings we have started to rule the service and sales of UPS, Data Centers, and Solar solutions in INDIA.


One of the first definitive steps for Mahavir Sys Power was the order from Corob India in the year 1998, as it gave Mahavir the exposure of completing a multi-city deal for the first time. Being No.1 CONSECUTIVELY FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS IN A ROW

Working for the Military of India with Bharat Electronics in the defense department of INDIA


One of our USP is Quick Multi-City Connectivity with fast and high quality service within no time, due to the close knit nexus of our branches in Mumbai (Goregaon), Mumbai (Mahape), Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad.

This helps us serve the Corporates and SME’s the best. Said that we have started from the roots thus we might be Corporate trained but tailor made solutions for home and small business is in our muscle memory and we know them by the pulse.


We specialize in delivering cutting-edge power solutions for Homes, Business, Data centers, Industries etc. Along with this we have a nuanced view for customer comfort in Power Audit, FMS solutions, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), Solar Equipment, Security and Surveillance etc.

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APC Highest Revenue Award-2009
Partner of the Year-2010
Winning partnership Summit-2011
Partner Business Tycoon Award-2013
Best Partner-IT - 2015
Top partner in India - 2016
Business Tycoon Award-2017
Premium Partner of the Year Service and Sales -2019